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The Artist


My name is Kyle Pulley, and I was born in Clayton, North Carolina on March 22, 1987, where I lived for the first 18 years of my life.  I am the son of Robin and Craig Pulley.  I have one younger sister, Alison Pulley.

I attended High School at Clayton High School where I graduated and then attended the University of North Carolina - Wilmington for Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.


While always drawing as a child through his early years, he did not take on the title as an artist until he was 24.  Even though his father is a musician and his mother often crafted, he was not pushed as an artist growing up.  While he always had an interest in music and drawing, the thought of making it a large part of his life didn’t even exist. After entering college, he remember meeting a girl, and wanted to draw a picture of her, so he drew his first portrait.  He then did a few more portraits before pursuing painting.   

After graduating the University of North Carolina- Wilmington, in 2009, he worked for Wells Fargo Financial.  The year and the industry pretty much tells you how that job was.  At 23, he realized one thing he did not want to do with his life, and found his purpose in life was more than the 9-5. He then started investing all of his time outside of work, into learning how to fix cell phones and other smart devices, which would later allow him to open a multi-location retail business. The remainder of his time was invested into learning how to paint. Initially an outlet from his stressful job, his art soon grew into a passionate hobby.  With no formal training or instruction in art, he decided to jump in and see what he could create. At this point, a career in the art world found a place in his dreams and visions. Creating a career doing what he loves, became a priority.   He began with nudes, which allowed him the challenge of recreating the most beautiful creation on earth, a woman. This was his primary focus and allocation of time on his first few paintings. He then ventured into modern abstract, which allowed him to be more free, and creative.   While many people have told him to find a single style that is unique, he prefers to constantly test his capacity to learn new styles and methods of laying paint on canvas.  The freedom of his mind and women are the main inspiration for his art.

The Vision

The vision is to break barriers and always push the edge.  Whatever those are at whatever time, that is the goal.

The primary focus is to grow in five areas of art including, Metal/Mixed Material Structures, Light Art, Carpentry, Epoxy, and Painting.  His focus in Metal art will consist of very large structures of all subject areas.  This is still an area that is unlearned and will take time to expand this portfolio.  Those are in the works and will be very carefully  released in how they are and if they are displayed to the public . All wood work will primarily focus on household modernized furniture and accent pieces. His goals with Light Art will focus on holograms and mirrors.  At this current point in time his favorite work is epoxy 3D paintings.  This portfolio will expand tremendously over the months to come.

At the end of his days, his goal is to display the natural energy and beauty of the world and inspire the youth of the world to follow their dreams no matter which way they are guided by the masses.  Stay true to yourself.

Stay tuned, 2017 will be the most developmental year thus far.

We are very excited for the work to come!


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